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Intrexx 18.03

More power for your digital workplace

Intrexx Release Mobility

Intrexx 18.03 provides the turbo boost for your Digital Workplace that you need. Furthermore, we will be providing two Intrexx releases every year starting from now - that means regular boosts for you Digital Workplace. You can find out more about this lower down on this page.

New in Intrexx 18.03

Icon Connector Microsoft Office 365

Connector for Microsoft Office 365

With the release of Intrexx 18.03, it's time: Intrexx is going hand in hand with Office 365. This relationship brings the benefits of the Microsoft cloud solution to Intrexx.

For example, you can now open and save Office 365 documents directly from Intrexx. Intrexx users can work collaboratively on documents, and work can be done from almost any end device.

Intrexx Mobile App

Intrexx Mobile App

Your company in your pocket with the Intrexx Mobile App. You can register any number of Intrexx portals in the app and therefore have access to all of the information relevant to you. Ready to hand wherever you are and thanks to the push notifications*, always up-to-date.

The Intrexx app is available in the Apple AppStore and Google Playstore.


Logo Intrexx Share x512

Intrexx Share 2.2

The new version of the popular collaboration application Intrexx Share is being released at the same time as Intrexx 18.03. Version 2.2 provides ideal support of push notifications* in connection with the Intrexx Mobile App. The user can jump straight to the corresponding post via the notifications; that means they won't miss any more news.

* Your personal API key, which you require for configuring push notifications, can be obtained in the Support Center.

How to ignite your workplace turbo boost

Customers with Intrexx 8 or an SSC receive Intrexx 18.03 free of charge as an online update.

You can migrate to the new version with minimal effort. Please note that the installation of this online update will take longer than usual. As always, we recommend creating a backup before updating, and installing the update on your test system first.

How to perform the online update:
  • Confirm that you would like to download the Online Update 18. This process will take longer than usual because a verified release version of 18.03 will be transferred to your server to begin with.
  • You can start the upgrade when the request to do so appears. Your existing portals will be updated automatically.
  • Afterwards, you may need to manually update any potential client installations.
Important: Version 18.03 replaces version 8.0 seamlessly. Version 8.0 will no longer be provided with online updates from now on.
Intrexx Release

The new Intrexx release cycles

You can choose: The new Intrexx release cycle

As part of the release of Intrexx 18.03, United Planet is establishing a new release cycle. In the future, you can choose either the semiannual update cycle (STS) - you benefit from simpler updates and faster access to innovations - or the biannual update cycle (LTS) - you receive extended support and features that have proven themselves in practice.
Releasezyklen 2020-2024 EN

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