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With the Silent Track for Intrexx, you choose the more conservative path: You receive regular updates with patches. You obtain new features once a year. 

You want to benefit from new features immediately after they are released? Then switch to the Steady Track at any time! You will receive regular updates with new features and functions for Intrexx there.

The Intrexx features since 2021


No more mile-long links: In Silent Track you have the possibility to create a short link to any page in an application. This allows you to share content and information with colleagues or also third-parties - the recipient then knows what to expect when he/she sees the link. The first part of the link is a static text that you can define freely. The second part can be either any parameter or another static text, however you like.

Online templates

This feature brings more flexibility and user-friendliness: Application templates are available online and are no longer fully integrated in the Portal Manager. The advantage is that United Planet can update the application templates continuously - even outside of new releases. In this way, users always receive the latest templates without having to update the Intrexx Portal Manager.

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This feature makes Intrexx even more interactive because it allows you to work with WebSockets. This means your developers can send messages directly from the server to the browser. On the one hand, this simplifies communication and reduces server load. On the other hand, this feature opens up new use cases, such as a dashboard that is constantly updated with real-time data.

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Filter multiple selection elements via dependencies

This feature should excite many users who regularly use filters in Intrexx:From now on, entries in multiple selection elements can be filtered directly via dependencies. In the past, you could only filter via the search field. The ability to directly filter via dependencies simplifies your work immensely. When using the filter, the "Values from applications" and "Users and groups" data sources are supported.n.

More exciting features

Always up to date

You want to benefit from the latest Intrexx features? Read more about the Steady Track here.


In our Online Help, we have compiled all information regarding changes to the features and functions in this and future Intrexx versions.

Also new in Intrexx from March 2021 onwards

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New Online Help

We have completely revised the Online Help for the new version. It is designed in a new, responsive and clear layout. Tiles on the start page, a search bar and a toolbar make searching and finding content in the new Online Help even easier. In addition, the individual chapters contain full code snippets with a copy function so that you can copy the snippets directly.

Deployment in Docker

From now, you can run Intrexx via Docker Hub and deploy it as a Docker Container. This makes it even easier for companies whose IT is already largely administered via Docker to deploy Intrexx. More information about deployment via Docker is available here:

The Intrexx release cycles

The Steady Track:
On this release track, you will always be the first to benefit from new features: As soon as a new Intrexx feature is released, Steady Track users will be able to download it immediately in the Intrexx Portal Manager, true to the motto: "Ready, steady, go". In this way, you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

The Silent Track:
On this release track, you will receive regular updates with patches, and starting in March 2023, an update with new features once a year. 

The previous version 21.03 becomes the Silent Track: If you are currently using Intrexx 21.03, everything stays the same for you. Users of this version will automatically be on the Silent Track and receive regular patch updates. Of course, you can switch to the Steady Track at anytime if you want to immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.
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Users can download online templates from United Planet's repository in the same way as other templates. Users can also integrate their own repositories. This way you can create and use your own templates. Another advantage is that in 21.03, templates can also be imported in a package with processes - so they can contain not only applications but also processes. The templates "Empty application" and "Basic application" are excluded from this change. They are still available offline.

Improved web server configuration

We have redesigned the user interface for configuring a web server. Intuitive dialogs make the configuration less prone to errors. This saves time and reduces stress and support tickets. The user interface not only looks nicer, but it helps users to configure their own web server simply and speedily.

Subselects/Subqueries in filters

Significant refinement of filtered searches in Intrexx: It is now very straightforward to define a subquery for a filter expression. That saves time and simplifies the day-to-day working with processes in Intrexx for your Development department. A subquery can be configured for a filter expression with the operator "Is contained in" or "Is not contained in". Because it is now included in the dialog, this improves usability and saves time.

Authentication via proxy

With the new release, users can connect their Intrexx Portal Manager to an Intrexx server via a preconfigured proxy. In this way, new development environments can be implemented with ease and network security can be increased. Both the Basic Auth authentication method and proxies without a configuration and Kerberos as a protocol are supported. Authentication is also possible via a Portable Portal Manager.

New gallery

Galleries are getting a makeover: The new gallery is responsive, looks more modern than its predecessors and can play videos. This makes using Intrexx especially on modern end devices more enjoyable. The new gallery replaces the old Galleries A and B. Therefore, Gallery A and B will no longer be supported as of March 2021.

Support for the SVG format

This new feature makes your Intrexx portal even more eye-catching: the new version supports the SVG graphics format. This allows you to use vector graphics in your portal that can be scaled to any size without losing quality. SVG graphics open up new design options: They can be animated, support transparency and can be styled with any colors or gradients.

Portal Manager as a live version

Start the Intrexx Portal Manager with ease from any directory - even without administrator permissions. This allows you to involve specialized departments in the application development process even more and make their knowhow directly available to all. The live version of the Portal Manager can be started without administrator permissions on any computer, even from a USB storage medium. The storage space required is a mere 400 MB. This relieves the IT departments and users do not need to be provided with administrator permissions. As a result, the specialized departments have immediate access to the Intrexx Portal Manager and can get started with developing applications right away.

TinyMCE Editor

The new TinyMCE Editor increases usability when it comes to editing texts in Intrexx applications, and there increases the satisfaction of employees at the same time. With the new editor, it is now possible to use the TinyMCE Editor with mobile devices and thus work smoothly while traveling. By integrating the current version of the TinyMCE Editor, it can now be used on any end device. This noticeably enhances usability and increases employee satisfaction. The new inline mode allows you to directly edit the respective page with a WYSIWYG editor. The new design is fresh and modern.
A topic can be created in an application. You can then write to this topic via any process. Users can subscribe to the topic can receive the messages via the JavaScript API. This can be done in all applications.
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