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Brand new M-Files Connector allows for real-time synchronization with Intrexx

Data exchange between Intrexx and M-Files systems

Pressrelease September 2020 M-Files – the intelligent information management platform – is revolutionizing the way organizations store data. Unlike traditional file storage systems, M-Files organizes data and files by content rather than by location. Data in connected network folders and systems is intelligently managed by the integrated AI. The brand new M-Files Connector now fully integrates existing M-Files systems into Intrexx and makes this revolutionary form of storage accessible to all Intrexx users directly from the portal system.

Freiburg, September 03th, 2020
Convergent (IR) – exclusive Intrexx partner for Ireland and one of the leading expert for digitalization in the English-speaking world – releases the brand new M-Files Connector for the low-code development platform Intrexx. The Connector allows existing M-Files systems to be completely integrated into Intrexx. The files stored in the backend can also be edited from the Intrexx portal. Intrexx thereby functions as a new, user-friendly and individually-designed user interface. In combination with the other advantages and functions of Intrexx as a low-code development platform for both intranet and extranet scenarios, the new connector integrates all of the advantages of the M-Files data system into the Intrexx interface. Users no longer need to log in directly to the M-Files system, but can have full access to all data in a user-friendly manner.

A system from a single source

With the connector for M-Files, employees are able to create, update, read, and delete objects as well as metadata and complete files in M-Files systems directly from Intrexx without having the need to log in to the M-Files system. Depending on their authorization rights, users have access to all relevant information. When users manage M-Files data or files in the Intrexx portal, M-Files is immediately updated. The data is always instantly synchronized everywhere without duplication. Furthermore, Intrexx’s low-code features allow data from M-Files to be automatically displayed in Intrexx portals without any complex programming.

The highlight of this connection is that M-Files not only makes files from your own system available in an Intrexx portal via the connector, but M-Files can also read, manage, and synchronize data from other systems, such as Microsoft Sharepoint or a company’s own server location. M-Files thus collects data from various sources and then makes it available to users in a fully customizable Intrexx interface in a user-friendly manner. This combination of functionality, individuality, and usability is unique and, with additional Intrexx functions, opens up a completely new form of collaborative work.

The functions at a glance


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