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Intrexx success story: Public administration

Social Work Office for the state capital Wiesbaden

Electronic provisional reservations for childcare places

Use case: Extranet
Industries: Public administration
Products: NiKITA Portal for Intrexx, Connector for OData
Partner: Moysies & Partner

Wiesbaden is the state capital of Hessen and is the second largest city of the state with a population of 287,000. The childcare is performed by a variety of service providers. With 12,000 childcare places, children aged between zero and twelve years old are cared for in daycare centers, elementary and after-school groups, as well as in groups that span multiple age brackets. Spanning multiple providers, these places are reserved in approximately 180 facilities.

In order to simplify the work processes regarding the childcare places for the Social Work Office in Wiesbaden, the service providers, the facilities and parents, a web-based electronic provisional reservation system was to be introduced. It was important that the decentralized allocation of places in the daycare centers continued to be supported but at the same time, that the daycare center consultants from the city of Wiesbaden should still be able to exercise their control functions. Via their user account, parents receive information regarding their provisional reservation. Up-to-date overviews and options for editing the provisional reservations and waiting lists were to be provided in the daycare centers.

Based on Intrexx and the sample solution NiKITA, implementing the electronic provisional reservation system began at the start of 2015 in Wiesbaden – and NiKITA became WiKITA at the start of the piloting on May 1st 2015.

Within four months, multiple requirements were transferred into a tailor made solution and then piloted in the district of Biebrich first of all. Since September 2015, all of the other districts were incorporated gradually and since January 2016, provisional reservations can be made online in the entire region. One year later, over 3,700 user accounts had been registered in the WiKITA and 37,000 provisional reservations had been made. In a closing event, representatives from the service providers and employees from the participating pilot daycare centers had the opportunity to express their opinion. The feedback was extremely positive and the anticipated reduction in workload was noticeable after just a short period of time. In WiKITA, parents can create a user account and with this, they can enter up to ten provisional reservations per care area and child. Multiple plausibility verifications guarantee that various subject-specific entries are already taken into account when the provisional reservation is entered, and this means that complex verification procedures can be simplified as much as possible. Provisional reservations can also be entered on site in the daycare centers or in the Social Work Office. Each provisional reservation has a processing history and can be supplemented with processing notes so that the development of a provisional reservation stays comprehensible at any time in the work process. Service providers, that administrate contracts in the daycare area using their own system, can export the provisional reservations from WiKITA and then import them.

  • WiKITA was introduced quickly and with little complications and fulfills the subject-specific requirements of the daycare area
  • Simple and non-bureaucratic entry of provisional reservations for parents
  • Daycare centers have an up-to-date overview of the provisional reservation status for their center
  • Consistent and holistic data pool for the Social Work Office in Wiesbaden enables them to have efficient control
  • Service providers can continue using the provisional reservations from WiKITA for their own IT procedures

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