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Intrexx success story: Health services

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt

“We’ve significantly centralized our data storage and can fulfill all requirements of the SGB (social security act) with the Intrexx contract management system. We were really impressed by how effortlessly the connection to SAP was made.”

Dr. Martin Kunz, Head of Software Development and Business Intelligence

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt: Enhancing SAP with Intrexx

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Health services, Finance
Products: Connector for OData, Connector for SAP

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is the largest health insurance company in the state. The health insurance company is located in Magdeburg and almost 1,900 employees individually advise and personally look after around 700,000 insured members. The well-being of said members is viewed as a high priority. That’s why products and services are constantly being optimized and the company assumes responsibility for structuring and developing healthcare policies in Sachsen-Anhalt.

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt relies on SAP for its core business. In order to simplify business processes, this solution was to be enhanced with specific functions that weren’t initially provided by the standardized and relatively rigid system. Alongside some smaller features (doctor search, questionnaire tool etc.), a contract management system was to be developed which would allow them to efficiently manage all contracts and not just the regular health insurance contracts.

Modifying the SAP system so that it could implement the requirements wasn’t an option. From early on, it was clear that this would be very complex and would come with considerable costs. Based on previous good experiences with the platform-independent portal and integration software Intrexx, they decided to enhance SAP by combining it with Intrexx applications. A central requirement, which could be fulfilled in this way, was that the applications shouldn’t drift away from the look and feel of SAP. This would avoid a media disruption and employees, who know SAP already, can also work with the new tools without any training or induction. This criteria was especially important for the contract management system developed with Intrexx. Because SAP was only designed to manage certain contracts, the Intrexx application made it possible to manage all other contracts. The project leader Dr. Martin Kunz was very successful with the integration: “The Intrexx contract management is so closely connected to SAP that the employees don’t even notice that they’re not directly working with SAP. It actually doesn’t even matter to them which platform they’re using.”

The main benefit that the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt’s IT department experiences from the combination of SAP and Intrexx is that SAP stays close to the original but still allows them to straightforwardly integrate required functions. The main program SAP therefore remains easy to maintain and the flexibility, which modern companies require, is supported by the web-based applications that are developed with Intrexx.

  • Rapid implementation of user requirements
  • SAP can be modified easily but still stays close to the original
  • Seamless integration into the SAP environment, thanks to low-code
  • One solution for a wide array of requirements
  • High level of acceptance from the employees

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