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"Constantly giving customers availability updates has finally come to an end. Customers can now finally book tours 24/7 and aren't dependent on our business hours. We can now focus on planning and delivering our tours in the best possible way."

Assistant, Axpo

A smart booking system that gives employees breathing room

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Energy
Products: Booking system
Partner: Wassoft

Axpo is the largest Swiss producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. In an environmentally friendly power plant park, 5000 employees make an important contribution to the sustainable supply of electricity in Switzerland. In over 30 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia, Axpo develops innovative energy solutions for its customers based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Required: Replace telephone and Excel with a smart booking system
The visitor system at Axpo urgently needed to be made more efficient. Previously, visitor tours were recorded via phone and mail and entered into cumbersome Excel sheets. A smart, digital solution was needed. In addition, they wanted to set up an online shop that would allow customers to conveniently pay for tours from home on the Internet.

Particularly important here was that the new system should have an intuitive and user-friendly design and also be usable with mobile devices. The new system was to be used for visitor tours in high-security zones such as nuclear power plants and storage facilities. An important requirement for the system was that it should be linked to local tourist facilities - for instance, ticketing for cable cars and turnstiles.

An individual booking system in 4 months with low-code
With the help of the low-code platform Intrexx, Axpo successfully automated visitor tours for power plants in a short time. Thanks to the help of the Swiss Intrexx partner WASSoft GmbH, a comprehensive system for visitor management was introduced in just four months. This system delivered numerous advantages on the front end as well as on the back end: Users book their tours using a clear and easy-to-use form from any end device. In the background, digital schedules are automatically created by the system, making daily work noticeably easier for Axpo employees.

The online shop for booking guided tours is multilingual. The customer can choose between different tours, which are offered in different languages and technical levels. At the checkout, which can be configured depending on the product, the customer is either asked to pay by credit card immediately or later on site.

Smart link saves a lot of time
The integration of tourism facilities is particularly practical: access to cable cars and turnstiles is now regulated via a QR code system. Anyone who books a guided tour also automatically has a ticket for the required cable cars and turnstiles. Thanks to the link, Axpo employees can see at any time and from anywhere how many guests have used the cable cars, as well as whether the traditional ticket machines have enough change.

Some tours offered by Axpo include critical infrastructure with special safety precautions. The system automatically collects all the required information from the visitors in this case. Automated data exchange ensures that the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI also receives all the information it needs in this area, without the need for any manual steps.

A flexible back end gives employees room to breathe
The booking management system is not only a significant relief for visitors: a smart back end ensures that administration is made much easier for Axpo employees. A new visitor tour can be easily created via the product configurator. Customer texts can be entered in multiple languages and the price can be freely defined. Required resources - such as visitor guides, vehicles, cable cars or lunches - can be easily assigned to a tour. The Intrexx platform considerably accelerates the exchange of data and information here. The automation achieved not only saves time but also reduces the errors that would occur with manual entry.

The system can be configured flexibly. Special cases and deviations can also be modeled easily. As a result, Axpo's employees are completely satisfied with the Intrexx system. Not only does it speed up the processes in the day-to-day business of booking tours: With its booking history and overview of the available resources, it also ensures that employees always keep track of all the essentials. Even those who have nothing to do with the tours at all - i.e. the employees in the operational area of the power plants - can now see at any time where a tour is planned and where a group is at the moment.


  • Appealing, intuitive booking system
  • Easy administration thanks to smart data exchange
  • Overview of available resources
  • Linked to tourist facilities

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