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Intrexx Case Study: Education

Commercial School for Wood Technology, Stuttgart

Intrexx supports sustainable quality development

Industries: Education & research
Products: Connector for OData, Intrexx Share

The “Gewerbliche Schule für Holztechnik”, an industrial school for wood engineering located in Stuttgart, Germany, is divided into a vocational school and a technical school. It offers a wide variety of training options, from the foundation year and entry-level year, to vocational training instruction for prospective carpenters, glaziers, master craftsmen, and designers of woodwork, to the technical school for engineering. From 2003 to 2006, the school participated in a pilot project of the Ministry of Culture and Education Baden-Württemberg, Germany, called “Operativ Eigenständige Schule” (OES) [operationally independent school]. This project focuses on the development of a sustainable quality management plan for vocational schools in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

As a model school for the quality development project, the objective was to further develop the quality of vocational education and to optimise it by systematically professionalising academic processes. The school sought to increase efficiency in the areas of organisation and communication by introducing an information management system.

Using Intrexx Professional standard software from United Planet, the school implemented a web-based intranet portal in 2007. This software stood out because of its simple and user-friendly user interface and flexible customisation possibilities. Managing all important information centrally on the portal quickly led to visible success. An improved internal communication base simplifies the exchange of technical information and material, which, in turn, allows for an appealing education structure with comprehensive course preparation and follow-up discussions. A “School-Wiki” was created, which allows anyone to add content, making it possible for the teaching staff to actively participate in further development. Now, valuable knowledge will not be lost, but remains available for all to access. Furthermore, the wiki also acts as an organisational aid. It stores process descriptions, such as those for enrolment, and other procedures, including all of the important instructions and forms, and can be viewed by teachers seeking advice. Implementing the information portal saved costs and reduced the workloads. In the future, it will also be possible to reserve resources and process substitutions directly in the portal. The consistently positive experience users have had with the software shows that using the web-based portal systematically optimises work processes, and that it helps to meet the increasing administrative requirements.

  • Systematic professionalisation of academic work processes
  • Efficient information management
  • Centralised data management
  • Knowledge and experiences can be viewed by all participants
  • Optimisation of internal organisation and communication
  • Costs are saved, workloads reduced

Tags: Collaboration

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