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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

Salzgitter Automotive Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

"We were amazed at how quickly and accurately we have completed this project with our partners. After several days of testing and defined adjustments our new complaint management was rolled out and is fully accepted by our colleagues, because it's doing just what we need and how we need it. Quite simply, tailored software."

Uwe Ennen, Head of IT

Reducing failure costs with proALPHA

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Connector for OData, Document Management for Intrexx
Partner: EasyTransfer e. Kfr.

The company was founded in 1986 and became a subsidiary of the Salzgitter AG steel and technology group in 2001. The company specialises in sheet metal forming for automotive body construction. The firm also develops and manufactures tooling, parts, and components for the construction of designs and prototypes. SZAE are dedicated to supporting their customers in the achievement of their goals by providing them with individualised solutions.

The existing software for handling complaints in SZAE was too complex and had no interface to the ERP system. As a result, considerable duplication of effort was necessary. The system was therefore considered to be unacceptable by the users. The new system needed to facilitate a methodical procedure for handling complaints as well the technical and cost-related traceability of complaint processes over a specified period. In addition, the complaints needed to be handled more efficiently and quickly in the future.

Since the SZAE was already successfully using the Intrexx Professional portal software from United Planet, it was decided to implement the proposed complaint management within the Intrexx portal solution. During their researches SZAE encountered the Frankfurt-based company Easy Transfer, which has been an Intrexx partner from the beginning. During a five-day on-site project, the Easy Transfer application was implemented in the existing Intrexx environment. Following discussions with the employees involved, the processes were installed step by step, so that the previous procedures could be maintained. In cases where this approach was not possible the processes were redesigned and implemented later. Throughout the project, it proved very helpful that the low-code platform Intrexx provides a simple live access to the data of the proAlpha ERP system, and that the customer, supplier, project and product data could thus easily be transferred into the new version. Functions that had not been possible in the previous system, or only to a limited extent, are now provided in Intrexx with a convenient user interface. These include schedule management, reminders, task assignments and multilingualism. There are also automated notifications at all stages of the process, and escalation steps up to the senior management. Furthermore, a dedicated search engine has been assigned for images and documents. The new system now provides a methodical process flow, with prompt and accurate handling of complaints. Thus, the costs of errors are reduced and customer satisfaction is significantly increased.

  • Prompt settlement of complaints
  • Methodical procedure for complaints
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs of errors and failures, thanks to low-code

EasyTransfer e. Kfr.

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