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Intrexx success story: Public administration

Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs

“It is a great pleasure for me that our team, the ZS A 2 workgroup in the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs, was awarded the Berlin Administrative Prize this year. However, this was only made possible by far-sighted and future-oriented decisions in our company and by the support and technical solution provided by the consulting firm Moysies & Partner.

We would like to thank everyone involved who has accompanied us on this sometimes thorny path. Today, innovations are usually team efforts. Keeping all employees on board in the process is a goal that has a special significance for us. ” 

Uwe Gero
Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs
Central Finance and IT Service

Workstation availability control using award-winning workstation booking application

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Public administration
Products: Connector for OData
Partner: Moysies & Partner

Special times call for special measures – this is what the Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs (SenIAS) thought as well. As a public administration, it was faced with unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like other companies and administrations. Therefore, it was necessary to ensure the administration's efficiency, despite safety measures for the employees and the applicable distance rules. At the same time, however, they wanted to enable as many employees as possible to work at a secure workstation in the office building as an alternative to working from home. They met this challenge by introducing a fully digitalized and Intrexx-based workstation booking application.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the approximately 2,100 service members of SenIAS have also been required to comply with workstation distance regulations. Compliance with these rules is made more difficult because almost all workstations are in use in the office buildings. Added to this was the problem that offices often had more than two people working in them. In these cases, forward planning and management of workstation availability are urgently needed. Employees must know which places are occupied or which workstations must be kept free.

The Intrexx-based workstation booking application makes it possible to manage the workstation availabilities as needed. The application provides a graphical floor plan for each service building (department) and floor, including available workstations. This overview is configured by first uploading a building floor plan as an image file in the application. In the second step, workstations can then be created on the user interface by placing and naming them in the floor plan. Consequently, the available workstations can be defined and controlled quite flexibly thanks to low-code.

With the help of this configured floor plan, staff can see whether and which workstations are already occupied at a glance after specifying their desired date. The occupancy status of the workstations is shown using traffic light colors: Green dots indicate free workstations, red dots indicate occupied workstations. All free places can be booked up to 14 days in advance by clicking on the desired workstation.

In addition to the graphical overview, the staff has other options for viewing bookings. On the one hand, they can view their own bookings in a summary table. In this area, they can make changes to and cancel bookings. On the other hand, the application provides an optional weekly or monthly calendar overview to see how long the workstation bookings have been made for. Changes and cancellations can also be made at this point.

This eliminates the need for lengthy coordination with colleagues because the workstation booking application provides a daily updated and holistic overview of workstation availability. It also opens up an intuitive, innovative and fast way to book workstations.

Award for innovation

For this innovative solution to ensure compliance with the distance regulations in its office buildings, SenIAS won 1st place in the category “Process and Quality Management as well as Interdepartmental Collaboration” in the Berlin Administration Award 2020 awarded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin for its project “Workstation Availability Control”. The award honors projects that have contributed to the modernization of the administration.

A jury consisting of administrators and academics supported their decision by stating that this project was transferable to all authorities and could be implemented quickly. Additionally, it makes an immense contribution to improving flexible workstation and working hours for all staff, even after the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Fully digitalized and Intrexx-based workstation booking
  • Every floor plan can be fully customized (building, floors, etc.)
  • Rapid implementation thanks to low-code
  • Intuitive usability
  • Easy-to-understand and clear interface and lists
  • 1st place in the Administration Award 2020 in the category “Process and Quality Management and Interdepartmental Collaboration”

Tags: Collaboration, Low-code

Booking a workstation

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