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Intrexx success story: Services

Syfit GmbH

“With our solution based on Intrexx, we manage to reduce the identification of manufacturing equipment from an average of over ten minutes down to just a few seconds. This service excites our customers – and was our launching pad for the modernization of our business model.”

Zoltan Dementer, Managing Director

Digitalization opens new doors

Use case: Industry 4.0
Industries: Services
Products: Connector for OData

Every company uses manufacturing equipment that has to be tested at regular intervals. Depending on the size of the company, the cost of this can be huge. Based on Intrexx, SYFIT GmbH developed an Industry 4.0 cloud solution that simplifies this process immensely. In doing so, SYFIT is revolutionizing the testing of manufacturing equipment! This allows the company to open up brand new fields of business

Every chain is unique – and clearly identifiable

Every company is responsible for the occupational health and safety of their employees. Therefore, they are required to get their implemented manufacturing equipment checked on a yearly basis. This is time-consuming and expensive: Even small and medium-sized enterprises often have more than 30,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment subject to mandatory testing.

The industrial chains from the manufacturer RUD Ketten are included in this. For this reason, the company developed a digital solution for the checking process: Every piece of manufacturing equipment is uniquely labelled with RFID chips. These are then tracked and managed end-to-end via a service platform. This simplifies the checking procedure decisively.

Digitalization creates new fields of business

To begin with, the solution was offered exclusively to customers of RUD Ketten. Impressed by its success, they founded the subsidiary company SYFIT GmbH in February 2017 as a joint venture with German Telecom. SYFIT now markets the checking, managing and documenting software “AYE-D.NET” worldwide.

The career of Zoltan Demeter also took an unexpected turn because of this: He went from being IT manager at RUD to being the managing director of a digital service provider. He emphasizes, “For us, it was never about designing a digital product, but rather about meeting the needs of our customers.” The success proves him right: In Germany alone, over 32,000 companies have immediate need of a digital solution for checking manufacturing equipment, according to estimates.

The IT and process expert Demeter explains: “We manage to reduce the identification of manufacturing equipment from an average of over ten minutes down to just a few seconds.” This allows companies to act economically during legally stipulated manufacturing equipment checks.

SYFIT GmbH is an example of successful digital transformation: Zoltan Demeter and his team are stepping into a brand new business field – and are providing their customers with unforeseen added value.


  • Tangible reductions in workload for testing manufacturing equipment
  • Modern business model by creating digital services, thanks to low-code
  • Strong partnership with the provider

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