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Intrexx Release Notes 19.09
With the new STS release of Intrexx 19.09, departments can play a greater role in application development. This noticeably relieves the IT departments. Upgrade now to adapt your digital workplace to your company's requirements even better and get the most out of your departments' expertise.

The features in 19.09

Icon - Portalmanager

Portal Manager as a live version

Start the Intrexx Portal Manager with ease from any directory - even without administrator permissions. This allows you to involve specialized departments in the application development process even more and make their knowhow directly available to all.

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Icon - TinyMCE

TinyMCE Editor

The new TinyMCE Editor increases usability when it comes to editing texts in Intrexx applications, and there increases the satisfaction of employees at the same time. With the new editor, it is now possible to use the TinyMCE Editor with mobile devices and thus work smoothly while travelling.

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Icon - Internationalisierung


Use country-dependent languages in your portals and open new doors of internationalization in your company. At the same time, help employees in these countries identify with the company even more.

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Icon - Sicherheit

High security

Corresponding script methods now verify whether the applicable password guidelines have been adhered to when a password is entered. This simplifies the implementation of custom scripts that require a password and customer-specific solutions where the password needs to be checked for its adherence to the guidelines.

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Icon - Mehrmandantenfähigkeit

Support of 'diverse' as a gender

The user manager now allows you to select 'diverse' as a third gender option.

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Icon - Cluster

Intrexx cluster support included in the setup

From version 19.09 onwards, Intrexx allows you to add the portal server as an instance of an Intrexx cluster.

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Icon - Responsive

Responsive view image control

With a new option for the view image control, images and photos are scaled according to the current layout and are therefore always displayed at a suitable size for the end device.

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The live version of the Portal Manager can be started without administrator permissions on any computer, even from a USB storage medium. The storage space required is a mere 400 MB. This relieves the IT departments and users do not need to be provided with administrator permissions. As a result, the specialized departments have immediate access to the Intrexx Portal Manager and can get started with developing applications right away.
By integrating the current version of the TinyMCE Editor, it can now be used on any end device. This noticeably enhances usability and increases employee satisfaction. The new inline mode allows you to directly edit the respective page with a WYSIWYG editor. The new design is fresh and modern.
Country-dependent languages and currency formats for an internationally operating company. Especially in companies with many branches and employees in different countries, an Intrexx portal in the native language of the user increases their identification with the company. For example, your Swiss colleagues will be really pleased about texts in Swiss German, even if the portal is otherwise in German. The import and export function in Intrexx 19.09 has been expanded accordingly and now supports you in creating portals with country-dependent languages.
Intrexx 19.09 increases password security when implementing custom scripts and customer-specific solutions. By verifying the password guidelines, you ensure that easy-to-guess passwords, which jeopardize security, cannot be used.
Diversity is important to us and one of the values of United Planet! That's why we are so pleased that Intrexx 19.09 now supports 'diverse' as a third gender option, and therefore conforms to the latest decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court.
By adding the portal server as an instance of an Intrexx cluster, it will no longer be necessary to perform the corresponding scripts after the installation in the future. This makes it easier to administrate an Intrexx cluster.
Images and photos adjust themselves to the respective layout perfectly. This is particularly relevant when using mobile devices and allows you to design application pages more effectively.
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