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ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH

"The portal will simplify and unify our project drafting and tracking. Intrexx is impressive because it’s easy to use, its layout is modern and it provides the ability to perform demandbased analysis."

Sandra Ohde, Progress Manager

Modernizing the project database and operation times calendar

Cas d'utilisation : Intégration des données
Secteurs: Fabrication
Produits: Applications individuelles

ArcelorMittal Bremen is one of the largest employers in the region and produces up to four million tons of raw steel every year with their highly engineered facilities. As a modern, integrated smelter, they combine all of their facilities, from the pig iron production to the sheet metal processing, together on one site. The plant belongs to the world’s largest steel concern ArcelorMittal, located in Luxembourg.

In 2014, two fundamental systems were under close scrutiny and the decision was made to update these with contemporary solutions. This specifically related to a project database and the operation times calendar that recorded the production times and downtimes. Unified solutions were to be developed for the entire location that would replace the current insular solutions and simplify the corporate processes.

In order to fulfil the specific requirements as exactly as possible and to be able to flexibly carry out subsequent modifications one’s self, they chose the development and process environment Intrexx. Project leader Sandra Ohde commented on the decision and said, “We chose Intrexx as we’ve anticipated rapid success in our application development because it’s a relatively fast and simple product and because we can establish a portal solution with it. By using the applications created in Intrexx, we have a central solution for project management instead of various compartmentalized databases.”

As the central system, the Intrexx project database is coupled with SharePoint using the OData interface. This system is put in place world-wide as a collaboration tool under specification from the concern. Following this, it functions as the project teams’ basis for communication and document repository. “The project database is an important master data table for our SharePoint,” says Ohde with regards to the application’s role. Because the project database application orientates itself to the look and feel of the accustomed environment, it can be used by the roughly 200 users with little need for training.

They searched for a tool for the operation times calendar, this tool should have a pronounced calendar function, a sophisticated user management system and the ability to develop the solution with multiple clients in mind. Because 80% of the requirements could already be covered by Intrexx’s standard functions, Intrexx won the race here as well – the amount of individual modification would have been much higher with the other tested products.

  • Rapid implementation of the specific requirements
  • Direct connection to SharePoint
  • Existing insular solutions replaced by a unified application
  • Secure data exchange with suppliers and partners

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