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Low Code Development Platform

Intrexx - The low-code platform

Digitalization: Simple. Fast. Individual.

What starts as a simple piece of paper becomes a work of art with just a few folds.

With the low-code development platform, Intrexx, you can create custom business applications surprisingly quickly and with minimal coding.

Intrexx is the innovative platform that enables you to:
  • Unite people and data
  • Encourage teamwork and improve communication
  • Digitalize processes and create applications
  • Network with customers and partners, or connect to machines

You only need to access one platform - any time, any place.

Manifold potential

Icon Intrexx The low-code platform


The low-code platform for digitalizing your company: great results without programming skills.
Icon Intrexx Application designer

Individual applications

Create individual business applications with graphical editors and ready-made building blocks.
Icon Intrexx Enterprise portal

One company portal

All of your applications in a central, highly-effective company portal.
Icon Intrexx Application Store

Application Store

A wide range of ready-to-use applications can be found here. Every application can be customized as needed.
Icon Intrexx Process designer

Processes and workflows

Combine process building blocks to create individual workflows and automate your procedures.
Icon Intrexx Layout and design

Layout and design

Determine the portal's colors, design and layout so that they match your corporate design.
Icon Intrexx User management

User management

You define which users have read and write access in the user manager - individually or in role-based groups.
Icon Intrexx Connectors and integration

Interfaces and integration

Integrate external software and databases in just a few clicks with our interfaces and connectors.

A wealth of application scenarios

Icon Intrexx Intranet


The central information platform

Icon Intrexx Extranet


A portal for customers, suppliers or partners

Icon Intrexx Social Intranet

Social intranet

Digital collaboration in the virtual office

Icon Intrexx Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Your factory in your pocket

Icon Intrexx Digital workplace

Digital workplace

The digital company, the digital workplace

ISG Social Enterprise Networking Suites 2018

Rely on a leading solution

"United Planet, as a medium-sized German provider, is able to remain competitive against the group of globally
active providers. United Planet has a rather large customer base and continues to expand.

This growth is also driven by the broad scope of functionality and the comprehensive Intrexx approach.
Intrexx is not only a communications and collaboration solution but is positioned as a platform for the
digital workplace."

These companies are already intrexxing

Meeting employee needs with social intranet platformInterface between SAP and the enterprise portalEmployee portal coordinates information floodLinking data with the enterprise portaldevolo AG speeds up internal proceduresReplacing Lotus and Access with a modern communication platformThe municipality of Ittigen reduces IT costs and increases efficiency in its administrationElectronic provisional reservations for childcare places

Experience Intrexx

Event 4 Teams - The Intrexx Demo Portal
The interactive Intrexx Demo Portal demonstrates a selection of possible applications:
News, Document management, Telephone book, Investment request, Intrexx Share and much more.

Your Intrexx Partner

On-site consultation and service

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