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Work smart not hard

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Work smart, not hard

The when, where and how long of work are becoming less and less important in the digitalized working world. The classical forms of working are increasingly giving way. Physical presence, fixed working times and static work regulations are becoming redundant in the digital economy, if not counterproductive. Modern, farsighted companies are result-oriented and not time-oriented, and their employees benefit from this as well.

Work smart, not hard. Intrexx.


Intrexx is the platform for your Digital Workplace. With Intrexx you can bring people and data together on one platform. Processes are digitalized, reoccurring procedures are automated and data is collated together centrally. This means employees can access your information at any time and in any place.

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The Digital Workplace is your control center

Your Digital Workplace - Funktionen von Intrexx

Processes and workflows are controlled from here. Employees work together here. And all of the relevant data converges here.
All the information needed – at any time and in any location.

The easiest way to create your Digital Workplace is with the portal software, Intrexx.

With an individually designed intranet, you can provide your employees with precisely the applications that they need. You’d like more? Then incorporate your customers, partners and suppliers as well using an extranet!

What can Intrexx do?


Develop applications

Create web-based business applications with a graphical development interface and without programming knowledge.
Intrexx data relationships

Create data relationships

After the Relationship Designer has been configured once, data records, which relate to one another, can be displayed automatically in the portal.
Intrexx users and permissions

Manage users and permissions

With the users and permissions management, the flow of information can be controlled. This means that every user only sees what’s relevant to them.
Data Integration

Integrate available data

The interoperability enables the incorporation of third-party software, meaning all information can be gathered together in one place.
Find information

Find information

The high-performance search function always finds what it’s looking for – even in attached external files and database that are managed by the system.


Every application can be presented responsively or optimized as a mobile page.
Automate processes

Automate processes

Digitalize, automate and orchestrate processes and workflows without additional software.
Design layouts and menus

Design layouts and menus

The portal design can easily be adjusted to the company’s CI. Menus and layouts can also be individualized without CSS knowledge.
Administrate systems

Administrate systems

The sophisticated system administration facilitates the configuration of databases, languages, parameters and much more.

Experience Intrexx

Event 4 Teams - das Intrexx Demoportal
The interactive Intrexx demo portal shows you how easy it is for you to manage projects, accelerate business processes and encourage collaboration. Experience how you can create your Digital Workplace with Intrexx.

These companies are already intrexxing

As an industry-independent solution, Intrexx supports companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors in their daily working.

From material management to project management: These case studies demonstrate what our customers, from a wide variety of industries, are using Intrexx for!

Intranet Software since 1998

Portal software since 1998

Experienced - and always in top form

The web-based corporate software, Intrexx, has already been on the market for over 15 years.

You’re choosing an established solution. With continual innovation, Intrexx is not only state-of-the-art but also a decisive step ahead of the competition.

Don’t hesitate and find out how to make your Digital Workplace into a success story now!

Create portals without programming knowledge

Get started immediately, even without programming knowledge

Thanks to its simple program structure, every can find their way intuitively. Using Intrexx’s graphical development interface, you can design workflows, processes and entire applications with ease via drag & drop.

Information regarding the technical requirements.

Tailor-made, not just off-the-shelf

Intranet, just how you’d like it

The digital workplace lives from the correct applications. Simply choose the one’s that suit you from the Application Store.

You can’t find the solution you need? Fat chance! You can create your own application at the drop of a hat. This is achieved in just a few clicks on the graphical user interface from Intrexx.

The result: Your tailor-made digital workplace.

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