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The low-code development platform for your digital workplace

What if you could map your business processes efficiently and easily on an intuitive platform?
Transform your business now with Intrexx.

Intrexx is

easy to use

Low-code development makes Intrexx easy to use

ready to go in no time

Create your digital workplace at the drop of a hat via drag & drop with Intrexx

a big money saver

Automated processes help you save costs


Intrexx enables multi-faceted processes and layouts to be created and adjusted

incredibly flexible

Intrexx can be combined with many software systems

absolutely future-proof

Intrexx is based on Java, a proven software standard


Intrexx networks employees, partners and customers with ease

extremely agile

Intrexx automates complex processes in the blink of an eye, leading to fast and efficient working

mobile & responsive

With Intrexx, you can work independently of where, when and with which device

PaaS or on-premises, it's your choice!

myIntrexx - the PaaS solution
myIntrexx allows you to work in the cloud and therefore in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. We take care of the entire infrastructure so that you can focus all of your efforts on developing your own applications. Click here for more information about Intrexx as a PaaS offer.

Intrexx on-premises
With the on-premises version, Intrexx is installed on your server in your company. You take care of the entire infrastructure yourself.

You have unrestricted access to the Intrexx test portal during your 30-day trial. You will receive the login details when you request your trial.

Your company in a portal

Request your trial and gain access to the low-code development software Intrexx as well as the new myIntrexx demo portal

More than 5,000 customers are already intrexxing

Automated distribution processes and faster response timesExtranet portal handles the application process rapidly and transparentlyOptimizing workflows in parishesSimplification of work due to standardized processes/workflowsCreating ways to interact with Intrexx ShareSuccessful portal launch via speed datingThe municipality of Ittigen reduces IT costs and increases efficiency in its administrationInternal portal connects 24 locations

Read our case studies to find out how our customers from a variety of industries have implemented Intrexx successfully.
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