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Intranet, extranet or social collaboration

All you need is Intrexx, your low-code platform

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The first steps towards a digital workplace


The bridge to your business partners

Industry 4.0

Digitalized manufacturing

Social collaboration

The pinnacle of teamwork

Digital workplace

The interconnected workplace

Enjoy the freedom of a digital workplace

With the low-code platform, Intrexx, access your company data at any time and from any location

Thanks to the multifaceted collaboration tools, connectors to existing systems and responsive design, you can provide your employees with a modern digital working environment.
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With Intrexx, digitalize your company in a minimum of time and create a modern digital working environment. This enables you to increase employee motivation and raise your productivity significantly. And it doesn't matter if you want to create whole portals, a fully-automated smart factory or individual applications such as a parking space management system.

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Reach your goals quickly and easily

with the low-code platform, Intrexx

Create applications

Create individual applications

Create applications tailored to your company via drag & drop in graphical editors. The platform comes with many ready-made components to help you achieve real results at the drop of a hat. Ready-to-use templates are available for many applications meaning you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.
Model workflows

Digitalize processes and workflows

Combine process building blocks to create individual workflows and automate your company processes. In each process step, you can send emails, perform database operations and much more.
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Manage users individually and/or in groups

Define who has read and write access individually or with role-based groups. Allocate hierarchies and provide additional permissions for single applications or data groups.
Custom design

Custom layout and design or in the CI

Define colors and forms yourself. These can even be customized within a portal based on the user, user groups or user permissions. Design and function are clearly separated from another at all times. And of course, all of this in responsive design so that your live system looks good on any device and you have access to all the functions you need at all times.
Network systems

Connect the existing software landscape

You can connect almost any existing software system to Intrexx problem-free thanks to the many ready-made interfaces (so-called Connectors). Intrexx accesses the data stored there and can not only read data but also write back to the systems. Therefore, you can continue to use your existing systems in the background and Intrexx functions simply as a user interface in this case.

The Intrexx modules







Intrexx Industrial

Well equipped for the 'industry of the future'

Intrexx Industrial comes with ready-to-go applications for standard cases such as an automated logbook or OEE analysis. Thanks to its flexibility, it also enables you to implement any individual requirements quickly and easily. Via the widest range of interfaces, data can be transmitted and transferred securely, transparently and deliberately.

There's more to Industry 4.0 than just connecting individual processes, it's about creating the smart factory and brand new value chains for your company.

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Intrexx Industrial [BG]

Flexible and diverse

With the low-code platform, Intrexx, you're equipped for all situations

Automated distribution processes and faster response timesdevolo AG speeds up internal proceduresFrom flipcharts to digital production supportReady for the future, thanks to modern employee portalIntrexx supports sustainable quality developmentManaging teaching materials clearlyInternet product configurator with SAP linkBestPractice-IT Award 2009: alutec reveals new possibilities with Intranet project

Our numerous success stories demonstrate how our customers have implemented Intrexx. You will be surprised how versatilely one software can be deployed without becoming overloaded, unclear or complex.

Competent support from qualified Intrexx Partners

Over 100 partners in more than 20 countries are available to you. On the phone, online or in person on-site. These trained and certified experts support you with both technical and content-related questions – in a wide-range of languages and across the world. Custom modifications and the integration of existing systems are just as possible as trainings for your employees.

Ihr Intrexx Partner

Individual - Professional - Fast

That's Intrexx!

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