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One platform, endless potential.

With Intrexx, you digitalize all your company's processes transparently and securely.

  • Security of investment
    Rely on a sustainable, future-proof solution for the digitalization of your company. Intrexx makes your company scalable and flexible.

  • Sales growth
    Low-code pays for itself: Increase your company's productivity and unleash unimagined potential with automated processes.

  • Smart use of resources
    Relieve your IT department and benefit from the efficiency of low-code development.

  • Improved collaboration
    Break down silos - Intrexx brings people and teams together - whether internally across different sites or externally with partners, customers and suppliers.
Process Designer

Automate your processes

Model your extensive workflow and release scenarios on the digital interface of Intrexx and keep track of everything at all times. Adapt your processes to your needs. Say goodbye to inconvenient work processes - accelerate your processes and make them less prone to error by automating them. Process automation with Intrexx.

Application Designer

Develop applications smartly and efficiently

Low-code means freedom: The graphical user interface of Intrexx enables you to create high-performance business applications quickly and intuitively via drag & drop, almost without programming knowledge. Equally, you can adjust the ready-made elements at any time, allowing you to stay in control of the code. App development with Intrexx.

Data integration

Consolidate everything on one platform

Create a clean platform architecture for processes and applications with Intrexx. Integrate external services such as SAP into Intrexx using configurable interfaces and create a central hub for all your company data, documents and processes. Data integration with Intrexx.

Intrexx – the framework for your digital transformation

Future-proof your data integration with Intrexx

Connectoren Grafik

Intrexx adjusts to your requirements, not the other way around.

You can easily dock your existing systems and merge data - e.g. from SAP, IBM or Microsoft.

Your Intrexx platform grows with your company - and the data remains smartly managed and easy to find, even when the number of sources and systems grows.

Find out more about the Connectors here!

Use Intrexx in the cloud or on-premises

Intrexx in the Cloud:
Ignite the cloud turbo!
With Intrexx in the Cloud, you benefit from a comprehensive range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. We host your platform in our German certified cloud. Leave the maintenance and upkeep of your platform infrastructure to our experts and focus on what is most important: creating highly effective applications.
Intrexx on-premises:
My home is my castle!
Is it important to you that your company data is maintained on your own server? Then use the on-premises solution of Intrexx. You simply buy or rent the Intrexx licenses for this and administrate the other hardware and software components yourself.
Your benefits in comparison
  • Available immediately
  • You only need to take care of your applications
  • No outgoings for system support
  • Guaranteed performance with 99,5% availability
  • Opex instead of capex
  • All your data is on-site
  • Test and development environments are included
  • Can be installed on Windows and Linux servers
  • You decide which releases you want to install
  • Free choice of database
And the best part is:
myIntrexx runs on 100% certified green energy and consequently improves the ecological footprint of your company. As a result, not only can you develop more efficiently but you will also demonstrate that you are improving your ‘Corporate Social Responsibility‘ (CSR).

Find out more: www.intrexx.com/en/intrexx-paas
And the best part is:
If you use the on-premises solution of Intrexx, you and your employees can take advantage of the included development license and work in a safe demo environment before the content goes live.

Find out more: www.intrexx.com/en/intrexx-download

Functionality comparison Intrexx in the cloud vs On-premises



Flexibility to create your own low-code applications
30-day trial access
Additional test and development license
Hosting & operation
App for Android/iOS
Activation / access
Immediately after ordering
After manual installation
Server infrastructure
German data center, certified to ISO 27001 (Security Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO20000 (Service Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and DIN 14675 (Fire Prevention)
Own server infrastructure
Operating system purchase and updates
Intrexx updates
Manual (free-of-charge with SSC)
Daily geo-redundant backup
Included (mycompany.­myintrexx.de),
Premium (e.g. myIntrexx.my-real-company.com)
Basic emailing
Included (no-reply (at) myIntrexx.de)
Advanced emailing
Premium (any.name (at) my-real-company.com)
9 AM – 5 PM (CET) directly by phone
24/7 access to the support centre
as many tickets as you need
as many tickets as you need
SSL certificate
[1] To install your test and development environment locally. There is an additional charge, if you would like these to be hosted as well.
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