Bank intranet & document managementVolksbank Kurpfalz sets its employees up for the future. With Intrexx.

Project highlights: Intranet, Digital workflows, Document management

Project highlights
  • Intranet

  • Digital workflows

  • Document management

The challenge

Volksbank Kurpfalz aimed to optimize its data management and provide its employees always with up-to-date information. They sought a software solution that could centrally access and manage documents and information for their team. The goal was to put an end to the use of multiple systems. Paper-based processes were to be sped up and transformed into streamlined, digital workflows.

The Intrexx solution

On their new low-code portal, the bank has quickly and cost-effectively created an intranet that finally enables employees to work efficiently. No more paper in sight!

Unlike a mere information portal, Intrexx allows not only for the provision of information but also for the direct implementation of processes and workflows within the portal. This transforms it from a static wiki into a functional tool—a forward-looking solution that can be flexibly adapted to meet the bank's specific needs.

Quickly and clearly provide documents with Intrexx

Today, employees of Volksbank Kurpfalz have centralized access to all documents.

Thanks to Intrexx, Volksbank Kurpfalz has finally left paper piles and Excel lists behind. Instead, employees benefit from an efficient portal solution that delivers all important information with just a few clicks and makes processes more efficient.

All documents digitally in one place

The low-code platform Intrexx significantly exceeds the capabilities of Lotus Notes databases. Everything that was previously time-consuming to manage via email or Excel lists is now handled much more quickly and clearly with self-developed applications. Important documents, such as work instructions relevant to all employees, are centrally provided in the portal.

In this way, Intrexx noticeably simplifies the workflows of Volksbank, saving a lot of work time and significantly easing data management.

About Volksbank Kurpfalz

Since 1858, the cooperative bank Volksbank Kurpfalz has been managing the financial transactions of private and business customers in the Heidelberg region in Germany.

Thanks to Low-Code, new features can be added at any time.

Volksbank Kurpfalz has big plans with Intrexx.

With Intrexx, Volksbank Kurpfalz has rapidly developed applications from which its employees benefit daily. Thanks to low-code, departments can add additional applications at any time. Next, Volksbank plans to simplify its reporting with the help of Intrexx. Additionally, the integration with Lotus Notes and a ticketing system for damage recording and repair for building management and IT is in the pipeline.